Other than the casino operations of Integrated Resorts, PAGCOR regulates and licenses other gaming operations within the Philippine territory. EGEBLD is the regulatory arm of PAGCOR over the local gaming operations involving Bingo Games, Electronic (Casino) Games, and Sports Betting – i.e. land-based/onsite operations of various licensed gaming sites and/or remote/online gaming operations.

For purposes thereof, EGEBLD processes the accreditation of Gaming System Service Providers and the approval of gaming platforms or systems, including the games or contents deployed and offered therein. A Service Provider’s gaming platform must be offered in a land-based operations with the remote/online gaming operations as an adjunct service.

As regards the land-based operations of gaming sites, EGEBLD processes the issuance of Gaming License (GL) for various proposed gaming sites. As it stands now EGEBLD issues two (2) types of GLs:

  1. Bingo Games – for Traditional and Electronic Bingo gaming site operations; and
  2. Electronic Games – for Electronic (Casino) Games and Sports Betting operations.

Gaming site operations consist of the combined efforts of the Operator and accredited Service Providers or registered Suppliers of gaming equipment and paraphernalia, as the case may be.


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